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Arnis, Escrima, Kali, (A-E-K) Pangolisi and Garote are only a small number of the many names that are given to the indigenous stick based, Philippine...

Arnis–Escrima-Kali? (A-E-K) Stick Based?

September 12, 2014

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Basic Platform – Russell Balintawak Escrima Training – At–Random Part 1

May 16, 2015

The second stage of The Basic Platform for Russell Balintawak Arnis training, is the ‘At–Random’ strike attacks or ‘At–Random Agak’.


When the student has acquired proper Balintawak Escrima blocking and countering technique, with sufficient reaction speed and then obtained balance and speed through proper footwork in the BASIC BLOCKS AND COUNTERS, the instructor now attacks the student with Random strikes from within the Balintawak Arnis Twelve Basic Strikes.


A new or trainee Balintawak Arnis instructor, learns how to combine his attacks in this Balintawak Escrima At Random area, for what will work for themselves. An advanced Balintawak Escrima instructor is simply practicing their combinations to stay at peak performance and sometimes experiments to find different teaching/fighting combinations.



The first set of At–Random Balintawak Arnis strikes can be the #1,#5, #6 and the #9 attacks from the instructor.


The student blocks/parries, clips whenever possible and returns a counter strike to the instructor’s head. The footwork of both student and instructor follows on from the earlier Balintawak Escrima training of the instructor Balintawak Arnis Twelve (12) Basic Strikes and their Balintawak Escrima Blocks and Counters.

Russell Balintawak At Random Strikes
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