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Arnis, Escrima, Kali, (A-E-K) Pangolisi and Garote are only a small number of the many names that are given to the indigenous stick based, Philippine...

Arnis–Escrima-Kali? (A-E-K) Stick Based?

September 12, 2014

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Basic Blocks and Parries Part 2

February 4, 2015

The Rule of Angle Basic Blocking Footwork


For either a left or right primary handed person, in the Basic of The Quebec Serrada Style, if the block is directed or protecting to the left side of the body, the right foot is forward. If the block is directed or protecting to the right side of the body, the left foot is forward.


In the Roof Block situation,  in the Basic of The Quebec Serrada Style, if the right foot is forward the point of the stick is to the left and if the left foot is forward the point of the stick is to the right.


With Balintawak, when a fighter knows both sides of the Basic Platform and Groups, either foot can be forward on a roof and wing block to either side.


The Roof or CentreHead Blocks and their attacks are commonly seen in Serrada styles, which are their Basic teaching moves. They evolve into being the initial moves of the larger sets of Intermediate moves called the Sumbrada-Girada/Hirada. Firstly, using the “Emptyhand and Single Stick”, or “The Basic Building Blocks” of Arnis/Escrima/Kali, the head strike attack/roof block counter are combined to join other aspects of one’s fighting. These other aspects are the particular styles, other, basic body, head and limb numbered strikes, with their block/parry counters. These block/parry counters can be, the Straight Stick Blocks/Vertical Blocks, the Wing Blocks, (with Balintawak, a Wing Block is usually combined with a grapple with the left or empty/livehand),  the Drop Stick/Dropping Blocks and the Down Blocks.


Roof Blocks are taught in Group Three of Russell Grouped Balintawak, with the student countering off the back foot with a Twelve strike answering the twelve of the the Instructor. The Instructor counters the students twelve strike with the same formulae block but counters off the front foot, with any of the twelve basic strikes after the block.


It all goes back to the basic teaching principles of Balintawak. Any strike by the Instructor is covered and countered by a one or a two by the Student, except for a twelve of the Instructor, which is answered by a twelve of the Student.


The difference between a wing block for Balintawak and a Serrada Style, is that there is usually a grapple between the emptyhands of the fighters/trainers in Balintawak, whilst in a Serrada style it is simply a lower roof block. In both styles however, a Roof or CentreHead block is from an unconnected or untouched position between the fighters.

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