January 30, 2015

An edited version of this Article was first published in Rapid Journal within the Philippines in 2007 under the Title of: The Importance of the Empty-Livehand of Arnis/Escrima.

Importance of Clipping Demonstrated

The importance of clipping was illustrated to me on severa...

January 27, 2015

Drawing The Sword From The Bottom.

The second series in Evolve CQC for Ammara and Sinawali exercises are the Single Hand Striking Drills: The Closed Position, Single hand, Two and Three Strikes and introduces one of the major exercises of Ammara and Sinawali, the Drawin...

January 14, 2015


The Basic Blocks and Counters coincide with the Twelve Basic Strikes. The Basic Footwork is taught in conjunction with the Basic Blocks and Counters and gives the student the knowledge which is needed to manoeuvre and properly position their bo...